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A Comprehensive overview of Heavy Duty Explosion proof Air Conditioners

Environmental control applications that are exposed to different types of highly combustible substances call for the use of specialized tools and equipment not only to prevent explosions but also to ensure the safety and security of the operators and other people around a particular industrial or commercial setup. For these scenarios, an explosion proof air conditioner serves as an ideal solution. These highly specialized systems find applications in a comprehensive range of industries and commercial ventures. Some of them include oils and gas, military, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, and various other heavy duty air conditioning and refrigeration jobs. 

What are explosion proof air conditioners?

Established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the National Electrical Code (NEC) provides the working definition for a large number of tools and equipment used across industries and applications. As far as heavy-duty air conditioners are concerned, they contain things that can give birth to explosions but their special mechanism can prevent them from taking place on a large scale. Regarding combustible substances, these heavy-duty air conditioning units can meet the temperature needs of the environment they are operating in. These units also complete the tests that confirm the truth that these machines can meet all the requirements concerning different classifications described on the nameplate. 

Here are some of the salient features of explosion-proof air conditioners units produced and supplied by the leading explosion proof air conditioners manufacturers:

  • Suitable for all types of hazardous areas
  • Generate the lowest possible noise and vibrations while in use
  • These units offer unmatched ease of maintenance
  • Have an effective and efficient filter mechanism against dust
  • High-quality MS CRCA or SS 304, SS 316
  • Have outstanding thermal insulation capabilities
  • High-quality drain pan made of stainless steel. 

These days, different reputed heavy-duty air conditioner manufacturers and suppliers are designing and manufacturing fully custom-made explosion-proof units that offer full humidity and temperature control facility just at the press of a single button. These solutions are ideally suitable for use in extremely volatile and hostile ambient conditions. 

Why do different industries need to use explosion proof heavy-duty air conditioner systems?

Different industries install explosion proof air conditioner manufacturers systems to bring betterment in the safety conditions in a particular operation area or work environment. Such areas are generally exposed to highly flammable compounds that include:

  • Airborne particles
  • Dust
  • Gases
  • Metals
  • Vapors, and
  • Metal shavings, etc.

By installing explosion-proof air conditioner units in place of the standard ones, the risk associated with the compounds that ignite and cause heavy fire across the facility can be reduced to a large extent for sure. Just like the standard air conditioner units, these specialized units also provide full control over the temperature and humidity. The major difference lies in the added advantage associated with such units’ capability of tolerating volatile materials and compounds.

These are the reasons all major industry verticals including gas tanker ships, chemical plants, offshore oil platforms, storage of hazardous goods, and analyzer cabinets make use of heavy-duty explosion-proof air conditioner units. 

Some of the most common industrial applications of explosion-proof air conditioners units produced and supplied by the leading explosion proof air conditioners manufacturers include the following:

  • Explosion-proof AC units are used for ballistics and vehicle launches in the aerospace industry, apart from defense or military applications
  • These units are heavily used in the oil, gas, and mining industries to carry out operations such as extraction, processing, as well as refining
  • The milling industry also makes use of heavy-duty explosion-proof air conditioners for processing pulp and grains
  • In the pharmaceutical and medical industries, these AC units are used for product manufacturing operations.

Redundancy control followed by the backup function

The redundancy control option is one of the most crucial aspects associated with high-quality explosion-proof air conditioner units. For extremely critical industrial applications such as battery room cooling, these high-performance ACs can be equipped with a dedicated redundancy control option. In this redundant arrangement, two units work together – one remains on duty and another one is kept on standby. 

In case of any sudden failure, emergency, or any other non-functioning occurrence in one unit, the one in the standby mode takes over the charge automatically without any delay at all. What’s more, the duty and standby positions are also easily exchangeable and can be alternated without any hassle. This unique feature not only increases the operational life of the machine but also ensures the peace of mind of the business owners. 

The concept of custom explosion proof heavy-duty air conditioners  

Even today, most manufacturers and suppliers of industrial air conditioners operate keeping their focus on standard, off-the-shelf AC units. Only a chosen few provide custom-made solutions. Customized solutions are designed and manufactured keeping in view the customers’ exacting needs for cooling, particularly when they don’t find standard solutions adequate. Custom-manufactured systems are capable of meeting precise performance with the following additional advantages and benefits:

  • Innovation-driven concept design and manufacturing
  • The multi-disciplined engineering team approach
  • Supreme quality assurance across prototyping and testing phases
  • Outstanding flexibility when it comes to the production quantities that include smallest to largest runs
  • Regulatory submissions to the designated authorities
  • Extended warranties along with dedicated service support
  • Capacity for international distribution
  • Temperature control from 18° C to 38° C 
  • Tolerances as precise as +/- 0.02° C
  • Humidity and dew point control from 0.1% RH to 95% RH
  • HEPA, ULPA, and molecular filtration. 

Concluding Remarks 

Founded in the year 1982, Kabu Projects is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in New Delhi. Specializing in the field of heavy-duty industrial air conditioners & refrigeration, today, the company has attained international recognition with its brand “ATMOS”. Furthermore, It is the most trusted brand in steel plants, non-ferrous smelters, heavy equipment manufacturing & mines. Some of the major offerings by the company include Metal Processing, Wall Mounted evaporators, Ceiling Mounted Evaporator, Floor Mounted Evaporator, Coke Oven, Port Cranes, Panel Cubicles, and Condensate Evaporators. As one of the leading providers of AC for the oil and gas industry and air conditioners for the hydraulic room, the company also manufactures heavy-duty explosion-proof air conditioners.

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